In The Caribbean with

Sandy Cares

Some of Sandy's Lecture Titles



At Last... Cubaaah! (Parts One & Two)

Let's Go To Cuba! An Orientation

Essential Cuba: 500 Years in 50 Minutes

Cuba from Discovery to Revolution

Cuba Since the Revolution

Santiago de Cuba: The Hero City

Beyond Havana: Cuba's Seven Villas

Cienfuegos: Cuba's French Connection

A Stroll Through Old Havana


Eastern Caribbean

Too-Beautiful Antigua
A Stroll Through Old San Juan
St Kitts and Nevis: The “!” of West Indies
Artsy St Bart’sy
Caribs of Dominica
Wrath of a Caribbean Volcano (Martinique)
Merengue Dance as National Identity (Dominican Republic)
St Martin / Sint Maarten:  Two Shakes of the Salt
Quakers in Paradise: Tales from Tortola and the British Virgin Isles
The Virgins’ Secrets: Hidden Gems Among the Virgin Islands

St Thomas USVI Today

Southern Caribbean and South America

ABC Dutch Treats: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao
Barbados Bassa-Bassa
A St Lucian Odyssey with Derek Walcott
Grenada in a Nutmeg

St Vincent & the Grenadines - Sweet Sweet

French Guiana: From Lock-Ups to Launches

Simon Bolivar: A Great (South) American
Spanish Main: The Old World’s Wild West
Panama Canal: Mosquitoes, Mules and Men

Trinidad and Tobago: A Callaloo of Cultures

The Royal Rush on Rio: The Empire in Brazil

Boom and Bust Brazil: To a Modern Nation

Amazin' Amazon Part I: The Explorers

Amazin' Amazon Part II: The Rubber Story

Central America & Western Caribbean

Love and Conquest: Cortes and the Fall of the Aztecs

Mahogany Roots of Belize
Chocolate, Chicle and Chili Peppers: New World’s Gift of Taste
Let’s Go Bananas! From Original Fruit to Political Power Broker
Mayan Mystique: Temples, Time & Tribute
The Hero Twins of Popol Vuh: Maya Creation Legend
Roatan: The Real Treasure Island?
Grand Cayman: Haven and Hell
Jamaican Sugar Roots of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

William Walker's War in Nicaragua

A Merry Gringo Christmas

Atlantic Awe

In Amore with the Azores
Mallorca's Magic
Tangier Tapestry

Bahamas Short ‘n Sweet
Peeling the Onion: Bermuda’s Layered Past
The Whitewashed Island: Mark Twain’s Bermuda
Curious Customs and Culture of Bermuda
Charleston’s Caribbean Culture
Nassau Short and Sweet
Turks and Caicos: From Salt to Splashdown in Postage Stamps
Key West Sponge Wars

Special Interest

Breadfruit and Cou-Cou Sticks: New World Meets Old World for Dinner

Burger Meets Fries: The 1492 Food Exchange
Sweet Surrenders: Confessions from a Sugar Plantation

Warrior Princess Meets Columbus: Indigenous People of the Caribbean
Tricksters in the Caribbean Folk Tradition
Marooned on Paradise Islands:  Tales from Real Castaways
Tropical Torahs: Synagogues of the Caribbean
Puerto Rico’s Culture of Festivals

Pirates of the Spanish Main

Samuel de Champlain and Indigenous Encounters

​Through the Cape Cod Canal

Heading to Halifax: A Preview

​White Houses and Blue Noses: Cultural Touch Points From Newport to Halifax