In The Caribbean with

Sandy Cares‚Äč

The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille

Havana: A Subtropical Delirium by Mark Kurlansky

Havana Real by Yoani Sanchez

Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire

Cuba: A History by Hugh Thomas

Cuba: What Everyone Should Know by Julia E Sweig

Dreaming in Cuban by Christina Garcia

Havana Nocturne by T.J. English

Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene

Sugar King of Havana by John Paul Rathbone

To Cuba and Back by Richard Henry Dana

Bacardi: The Long Fight for Cuba by Tom Gjelten

Celia Valdez by Cirilo Villaverde

The Cuban Connection: Nixon, Castro and the Mob by William Weyand Turner

The Autobiography of Fidel Castro by Norberto Fuentes and Anna Kushner

Fidel Castro: My Life: A Spoken Autobiography by Ignacio Ramonet and Fidel Castro

Cuba Books